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CallMiner Unveils New and Improved Eureka Coach

May 30, 2018

Exceptional coaches have the ability to analyze gameplay, make mid-game adjustments and ride these tweaks to victory. Recognizing fault and finding ways to overcome these hurdles is mission critical in sports, as well as the business world. In the contact center, each interaction is an opportunity to build loyalty or burn the bridge of a current customer relationship.

This week, CallMiner unveiled the newest release of Eureka Coach, its agent management platform. The cloud-powered contact center solution leverages CallMiner Eureka speech analytics to deliver objective scoring, then automates performance feedback and rapidly shares results with contact center agents and supervisors.   

“Eureka Coach creates a culture of optimization where agents consistently receive feedback on their performance rather than waiting for a monthly coaching session,” said Bruce McMahon, Director of Product Management at CallMiner. “Delivering automated feedback directly to those that can act on it has been proven to drive faster time to insight and faster time to action. With this pervasive intelligence, agents can self-coach and see the immediate impacts of changes in their tactics.”

Eureka Coach features a sustainable model of performance management, offering ongoing feedback and discussions for agents and supervisors. AI powers scoring of each agent interaction, and the platform provides actionable assignments including call detail and coaching notes – not to mention the ability to PCI-redacted call playback with the ability to add coaching notes to specific sections. In addition, agents can compare performance with other agents over selected timeframes and KPIs.

“Analytics programs are frequently challenged by a barrier between insight and the actions needed to drive change that impacts the business,” said CallMiner CEO Paul Bernard. “Eureka Coach helps organizations of all sizes bridge this divide to drive real action from the awareness and insight uncovered by Eureka through data-driven encouragement and personalized accountability.”

The use of speech analytics is on the rise. When it comes to customer service, speech analytics introduce added visibility required to drive improved contact center operations and an elevated customer experience.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle