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Aspect Garners Contact Center Scheduling Patent

April 02, 2018

The contact center is a customer service hub, a resource center devoted to delivering resolution to any customer question or issue. This complex array of people, processes and technology must function in unison – especially in today’s omnichannel world. The glue holding operations  together is workforce management (WFM) software, promising appropriate scheduling and efficient operations fit meet the requirements of the digital age.

Aspect Software garnered a new patent for modeling and simulating the interaction dynamics of chat, email, IM, social media and other text-based digital customer communications. In specific, the patent provides a contact center the ability to ensure appropriate staffing.

“For years Aspect’s research developers have done ground-breaking work in analyzing digital customer communication channels and creating new mathematical models for workforce management environments,” said Chrissy Cowell, Director of Product Management for Workforce Optimization at Aspect. “By applying these patented techniques, Aspect WFM can accurately simulate the effect on service level agreements (SLAs) of staffing decisions in blended voice and digital channels. There is no other solution in the marketplace that can do this accurately.”

The problem with too many WFM solutions is, while they address traditional voice, they fail in providing a solution capable of supporting the needs of a modern omnichannel environment – including text-based communications like chat. Recent research from Deloitte highlights growth in contact center chat usage at more than 60 percent each year. Aspect is spearheading efforts to evolve contact center operations, from cloud and chatbots, to scheduling and Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

An increased focus on customer-centric operations is driving innovation across the enterprise, with the shining example coming from firms like Aspect and the change taking place in the contact center.

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Edited by Erik Linask