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Verint Announces AI-powered Virtual Assistant

March 20, 2018

The contact center market is embracing a number of up-and-coming technologies. The rise of chatbots is spurred by innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the timing couldn’t be better as consumer preference is pushing toward self-service.

This week, Verint released new customer self-service capabilities that include AI-powered enterprise chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants – riding projections of virtual assistants playing a major role in customer service in the coming years.

Per Gartner, “By 2022, it will be far more common for a video-based customer support agent to also share the user interface, or for a chatbot to be used by the customer support agent while conversing with the customer. Because of this, we expect the interaction proportions of human and artificial agents to be 36 percent human agent intervention/participation and 85 percent software (a combination of self-service and software used simultaneously with the human agent engagement).”

Analysts from Forrester predict those companies capable of tackling the task of bringing AI, automation and human interaction together to provide intelligent and effective service will win the day in the years to come.

In Verint’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant, the solution comprehends contextual information, which enables it to deliver personalized responses to customers, based on data points like location or purchase history. The open, modular AI engine supporting the virtual assistant delivers organizations the ability to easily scale, extend and manage the solution. The AI-powered solution provides a robust set of tools, including analytics and training data, giving an organization control over the contact center solution.

With such a premium placed on the customer experience today, companies seek feature-rich and future-forward contact center solutions capable of supporting the omnichannel, digital reality in which we live. AI, self-service, analytics will be fixtures in the contact center landscape.

Edited by Erik Linask