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8x8 X Series Provides Integrated Customer, Collaboration Experiences

March 19, 2018

Have you ever called customer service, waited on hold, and finally connected with a human being, only to learn that they can’t answer your question? Perhaps they even tell you to call a different number and start the whole process from the beginning. It’s pretty frustrating, right?

Well, 8x8 has a new solution that enables organizations to break down the departmental and communication medium barriers that prevent them from delivering a unified customer experience throughout their enterprises.

The new 8x8 solution, called X Series, combines call, collaboration, conferencing, and contact center functionality in a single platform. It will be available in France, the U.K., and the U.S. starting this summer.

X Series brings current context, history, and internal experts onto a common platform. It leverages a single set of data, one workflow engine, and one analytics engine, along with a native CRM. Plus, it integrates with third-party solutions like Google G-Suite, Salesforce, Zendesk and NetSuite. All that results in better customer experience, faster time to resolution, improved agent experiences, and a lower cost.

Lenox Corp. CIO Ravi Kurumety says: “Delivering an exceptional customer experience is the difference between thriving and failing for a business like ours. 8×8’s X Series is the foundation Lenox needs, leveraging real-time customer data, an integrated set of communications tools, and providing access to the right subject matter experts to transform our employee and customer experiences.”

Cam Lawler, director of enterprise applications at Movement Mortgage comments: “8×8’s X Series enables thousands of our loan officers, who work on the move, to quickly connect with the right subject matter experts to finalize the best loan rates for their clients. The platform helps boost our employee-customer interactions in real time with integrated voice, email and web chat, which is integral to giving customers the quick responses they demand.”

Edited by Erik Linask