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VoiceBase AU Addresses Australian Data Protection Acts

March 15, 2018

The contact center is a strong example of innovation elevating operations. The digital age demands much from customer service operations; and companies are selecting robust contact center solutions to support today’s omnichannel world. And, with innovation front and center, technology is turning the page on the customer experience.

This week, VoiceBase unveiled VoiceBase AU. Coming Q2 of this year, the new service will offer an instance of the VoiceBase speech API platform online to deliver Australian organizations complete control over call data.

“As a call center provider to many of Australia’s largest financial institutions, we are very sensitive to the privacy and protection of our customer’s call data,” said Nick Collett, General Manager of Peakbound. “We are pleased to see VoiceBase step up to address the challenges in providing data sovereignty for our market, which has limited the deployment of cloud based speech analytics to this point in Australia,” Collett continued.

The new service comes as a direct response to the Australian Data Protection Acts, as they require all customer calls be stored and processed within the region. The speech analytics provider puts compliance first and foremost. Featuring speech-to-text, conversation metrics, call categories, predictive analytics, coming in the form of a fully PCI DSS Level 1 Certified API platform.

“As the need for enterprises to improve customer experience and compliance grows, so too does the demand for VoiceBase services and data privacy,” said Jay Blazensky, Cofounder and CRO of VoiceBase.  “We are committed to leading the migration of speech analytics to the cloud and are excited to extend our cloud-based speech API offering to the Australian market,” Blazensky exclaimed.

Customer service and compliance go hand in hand, and contact center solution providers are recognizing the need for feature-rich, future-forward and fully compliant solutions capable of delivering on lofty expectations.

What solution is in your contact center?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz