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Vonage Unveils Initial 'Building Blocks'

March 14, 2018

Each agent in the contact center possesses a certain set of skills. Some may be a bit better on the technical side, others stronger with empathy, which means playing to strengths c in customer service. Every caller offers an opportunity to deliver resolution, and a robust contact center solution can help do just that.

This week, Vonage announced the arrival of real-time sentiment analysis and skills-based communications routing technologies to its repertoire. A product of the Nexmo Partner Program leveraging Vonage’s API platform, this is only the beginning in a new approach Vonage is taking to contact center solution development: building blocks.

Allow me to explain; these two are the first building block, aimed at providing richer customer interactions via enhanced flexibility and efficiency. When paired with the Nexmo Voice API, both the real-time sentiment analysis and skills-based communications routing technologies can integrate (or used as standalone) with a third party or Vonage contact center solution.

Real-time analytics allow the agent to provide a more seamless experience, and management gains added insight to customer interactions. Skills-based call routing ensures each caller is paired with the appropriate team member. Both showcase the future-forward requirements of the modern contact center.

"Our new skills-based routing and real-time sentiment analysis offerings represent a brand new way for the industry to think about building an intelligent contact center — one that reflects the unique requirements of individual businesses," said Omar Javaid, Chief Product Officer for Vonage. "Vonage is redefining the contact center industry by providing businesses with building blocks to implement intelligent routing technology and the flexibility to determine where and how that routing is set up to deliver better business outcomes to their own customers." 

Companies require customizable contact center solutions, capable of molding to need and evolving over time. With open source building blocks like the newly unveiled skills-based communications routing, contact centers can craft operations with a piece by piece approach.

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz