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Aspect Introduces AI Assistant Suite

March 08, 2018

Customer engagement extends across all verticals; all of industry relies on an active, loyal customer base to drive operations into the future. Healthcare, retail, technology, you name it, customer engagement is key.

This week, at the annual HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conference, Aspect Software unveiled the Aspect AI Assistant Suite, putting Natural Language Understanding (NLU) chatbots and voicebots to work providing omni-channel self-service and two-way communication between a business and its customers.

 The initial releases in the Aspect Patient Engagement family are targeting improvements in the patient experience. Working with healthcare providers to support the mandates under the Affordable Care Act, Aspect aims to help hospitals and providers take advantage of automated interactions, and AI to ensure at the very least, customer care is where is exceptional.

“In the past, every customer engagement application was bespoke development done in response to a customer’s specific need. Aspect’s Professional Services and Product Marketing teams have worked together to introduce a different go-to market approach for industry-specific application development efforts,” said Brad Scott, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Professional Services at Aspect Software.

The AI Assistant Suite offers mobile web, SMS and IVR functionality, is powered by the Aspect Cloud and run as-a-service. The first wave of application releases include Appointment Assistant and Health Assistant, both provide the option of Epic integration as well as customized templates for each patients to deliver a more personalized healthcare experience.

Scott continued, “With the AI Assistant Suite, we’ve simplified the self-service application deployment by leveraging our customer service knowledge and existing technology investments, so our customers can enjoy a faster return on their investment while still benefitting from customizations and integrations.”

Customer service in the omni-channel era is no small task, so whether you’re managing a contact center of 300 agents, or the mom and pop shop down the street, it is mission critical to over-deliver on expectations.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz