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Robotic Process Automation Makes Compliance 'NICE'

March 05, 2018

The concept of putting the customer first is experiencing a bit of a remodel. Sure, providing an exceptional customer experience via future-forward, feature-rich omnichannel contact center solutions is a key ingredient to customer service success. But, compliance is coming into focus as a means of illustrating how businesses are protecting client bases – something of the utmost of importance in a world where data breaches and hacks happen every day.

Today, NICE unveiled enhancements to its robotic process automation platform that promise to provide operational compliance with GDPR. With little time to waste, companies far and wide are up against a May 25, 2018 deadline.

Miki Migdal, President of NICE Enterprise Product Group, explained that, “Although there are technology solutions that support very specific elements of GDPR, NICE has the most comprehensive automation solution in the market to design and deploy process automations supporting multiple GDPR elements, simultaneously, from a single platform.”

NICE notes the reengineering process can cost companies much, as there is heavy lifting required. Faced with stiff penalties, the operational transformation is required, but this is no small feat. With NICE’s robotic automation in place, businesses can take comfort in knowing that, systemically speaking, operations are within compliance.

Migdal continued to note, “An example of multiple GDPR requirements best supported by Robotic Process Automation include: Consent, Right to be Forgotten, Data Minimization and Right of Portability. As global leaders in desktop automation and real-time process guidance, NICE is releasing innovative cognitive features to further enhance our automation platform’s intelligence to support some of the most complex process scenarios across the globe.”

A company’s compliance plan must be at the fore of customer service initiatives. A protected customer base is a happy customer base. The new frontier of the customer experience is data-driven, automated and making use of a wide spectrum of innovative contact center technologies. Spend as a company may, without compliance, all is lost.

Is your contact center in compliance?

Edited by Erik Linask