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Top Tips for Effortless Call Center Operations-Best Practices For 2018

February 26, 2018
By Special Guest
Abdul, Senior Content Writer, Coztel -

Implementing best practices for effortless call center operations is vital in 2018 and beyond. Advancement in technology and rise in competition is another factor or complication faced by call centers. Moreover, this industry is not always favorite of the customers as most customers consider calling in the call center a tedious task. On the other hand, proving excellent customer service is always the priority of call centers.

To reduce the risk of losing valuable clients, certain call center operations are helpful. Definitely, it is not an easy job, however, with certain tricks and tips, call centers are able to survive in the market and provide satisfactory services to their clients as well. Fortunately, contact centers have numerous choices available to them in form of service providers and latest software’s to guarantee their success.

According to Salesforce, “Nuance reports that despite the rapid growth of online service tools, 79 percent of consumers would still prefer to talk to a call center representative on the phone.”

Provide satisfactory services to your clients through implementing the following practices in your call center and see the improvement in call center operations as well:

Coaching in call center is smart practice

Call center coaching methods and practices do have the positive impact on the operations if done in right way. It comprises of multiple phases and includes various metrics.

Do you know, you can use any of your best employee or manager as coach, no need to go for an outsider or extra hiring?

Supervisors must communicate with agents

It is a great practice and agents love guidance from their managers. Appreciate your supervisors to talk with your agents on the weekly basis or on the daily basis. It is a process which automatically reduces confusions and improves the performance of their team.

Empower your agents and let them know of the talent with communicating with them. Moreover, sharing ideas ensure the best idea is spread among the team and can now be implemented by any of the team members.

Appreciate your agents- a journey from good to great!

Either you are aware it or not appreciation matters. According to a blog, businesses are able to earn the loyalty of their employees by not only increasing the salaries, in fact by appreciating them as well.

Supervisors or managers who value their team members are able to see the loyalty level rising in their team. In all honesty, call center goals and sales targets can be achieved by telling the agents, how they can progress themselves further! It’s not just agents, it is an effort of everyone which brings along success!

Engage the right people- smart decision leads to success

Do your call center agents remain patient when dealing with the extremely frustrated guy? Are they creative enough to find the solution to the problem? Do you think they have clear communication skills?

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” (according to Bill Gates”.

Given enough time to interview process

Hiring the best agents for your contact center means, you are picking the green apples from the rest. While a smart agent can satisfy most of your customers, a wrong choice may lead to losing your valuable agents or increasing the risks for other problems. It is essential that your interviewer or the managers are aware of the job needs and then picking up the right person from the rest.

Want to improve the interview process, you may need help from other sources, however, don’t rush towards in selecting the person. A person with natural abilities and certain characteristics are able to prove best in the field of a call center. Utilize your energy in the interview process and you can save down your energy and resources later.

Look for the skills and experience both!

When selecting an individual, you may need to focus on multiple factors. A candidate who is experienced among the rest is able to provide better customer services skills and able to manage call center operations easily. When hunting for an experienced guy, you may need to consider various factors, like his experience in the specific industry, is same with your course of action? Do they have experience of working in the outbound call center or inbound call center?

Solving complex customer issues may require a fresh and more passionate guy. You need to figure out at the interview process that if the experience or the fresh guy is better for your call center. Look at the certain skills in your agents as natural is always better than artificial. Ensure that you are aware of top call center representative skills for the job!

Create and organize training sessions

“There is only one boss: the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. (Sam Walton)

New recruits often have confusions in mind and before actually giving them the function of talking to the agents. Training to the new call center representatives or the existing ones improve down their performance and bring positive impact on the call center objectives.

Train the new recruits and the team for better

With organizing training programs and classes in the start, you are able to ensure that these persons are ready to represent your call center over the phone. Moreover, there are certain strategies and a right way of dealing the customers in the call center which must be delivered to these people before letting them on the call. With regular coaching sessions, your new recruits are able to compete with old representatives improving their confidence and experience!

Training is not the one time process and it must be practiced again and again or on the regular basis. Do you know, not only the new recruits, in fact, the onboarding members do require right approach and guidance as well. Appreciate your managers and supervisors for carrying it out routinely for best results!

What to utilize for tracking purposes?

Add tips for call center agents and deliver them during the training process. Using the videos with the introduction to call center and the most frequent issues faced in your call center is also a smart move. Another best involve during the training session is to use mock calls. Managers are able to identify the area of improvement in their team members and guide them better.

To enhance customer experience and improve call center operations is a tip of an iceberg with certain practices. Call center representatives are able to build up their aptitudes and learn as much as they can from the coaching sessions. Along the right recruitment, you are able to achieve your call center goals in the lesser period of time. Utilize above practices to ensure a smooth running of the call center and its prosperity as well!

Edited by Mandi Nowitz