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Genesys Brings PureCloud to New Markets

February 20, 2018

Genesys is expanding the PureCloud solution it first introduced back in 2016. It’s extending this cloud-based internet telephony offering in various global markets. Plus it is now providing customers with the ability to choose their own carriers.

PureCloud Voice is a telephony solution that lives in the cloud and has usage-based billing. It has been available in Canada and the U.S. for a couple of years. Genesys will roll it out in France, Ireland, and the Netherlands later this quarter. It will bring it to more than 15 additional markets, in Asia and Europe, this year.

As for the new solution, that’s called the Bring Your Own Carrier option. It prevents service provider lock-in for customers. And it can help them avoid high international dialing rates and simplify their global deployments.

Genesys enables customers to completely eliminate premises-based hardware – meaning their phones too. Organizations can choose to can do that by leveraging the Purecloud WebRTC phone.

Also this month Genesys shared the results of some research it commissioned from Forrester Consulting. The Total Economic study suggests that businesses can realize $5.1 million in benefits over three years from using the Genesys PureCloud omnichannel contact center platform. That’s an ROI of 571 percent and a net present value of $4.3 million.

“An ROI of nearly 600 percent and payback in less than three months is practically unheard of for contact center solutions. In the case of PureCloud, however, the numbers come as no surprise,” said Olivier Jouve, executive vice president of PureCloud. “Every day we hear from customers how much they value the flexibility, scalability and simple deployment of PureCloud – which enables them to quickly ramp-up and connect with consumers on their terms - via email, chat or phone.”

Edited by Mandi Nowitz