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Self-service Clear Customer Preference

December 29, 2017

Despite the desire for direct and personal interaction, cell phones seem to be exempt from the notion. No longer are we rushing to answer phone calls but choose to opt for various messaging platforms to stay connected. Plain and simple, texting is how millennials have redefined being on the phone and one day, there won’t be an voice option.

According to Nielsen, Americans text two times more than call, as 50 percent of millennials aged 18-24 believe conversations via text mean just as much as phone calls. Even businesses have taken the no voice call hint and implemented SMS to effectively and quickly communicate with consumers. Why have we adopted a text-over-voice lifestyle? Is it because we are just tired of talking on the phone or have we run out of things to say? What about with businesses?

It can become challenging to talk with contact center agents. It can become repetitive with the information shared, time consuming, frustrating, and feel like a dead end with the wrong agent. Getting the solution is vital and with all of the available apps and chatbots, consumers are realizing self-service is the way to go, with a live agent as a last resort. 

2018 is going to be the prime year for self-service expansion; 50 percent of customers believe solving issues on their own is vital. The expectation that a company’s website will include self-service options is at 70 percent so this is something heavily desired. By 2020, 85 percent of customer interactions will be done sans human interaction. This is being perfected by analytics and machine learning, with artificial intelligence mimicking human processes.

Are you a fan of self-service? 

Edited by Maurice Nagle