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IDC Canada Highlights Innovation in AI

December 18, 2017

As the contact center continues its evolution, artificial intelligence (AI) is making its presence felt. From automation, to self-service solutions capable of delivering context and customer satisfaction, the future is bright in contact center solution innovation. Today, a number of customer interaction solutions were spotlighted by IDC Canada – all touting exceptional AI-enabled offerings.

Today, IDC Canada singled out a handful of Canadian firms developing AI-enabled interaction solutions, labeling, Flybits,, and Element AI as IDC Innovators. To earn this moniker, a company must display cutting edge tech, new business model or unique approach to solving an existing issue.

Each of the five firms offers a slightly different flavor of AI, allow me to explain., for example, leverages AI enabled, automated virtual assistants to create more efficient office workflows via communication and social media tool integration. Flybits, on the other hand, delivers context-as-a-service by aggregating and unifying contextual information from both private and public sources to provide a personalized and unique mobile experience for the end user.

As users migrate from their keyboard to voice interaction, enables verbal input on mobile devices. Another company mentioned, empowers AI to respond to inbound calls to contact center, while transferring more complex matters to human agents to address. The fifth and final firm, Element.AI is a tool to aid organizations of all shapes and sizes with AI initiatives—including consulting, development and implementation. 

AI is in use in contact centers across the globe, spanning the cross-section of verticals and is seeing much in the way of success.

“Canadian banks use of AI solutions will improve their readiness to compete with digital disruptors” says Robert Smythe, IDC Financial Insights Associate at IDC Canada. “AI-enabled customer engagement solutions will be increasingly important as customers use digital interfaces and contact centers more, and branches less.”

The era of artificial intelligence is here, while we are still witnessing this up-and-coming technology’s ascent, it is no passing fad.

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz