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Great Wolf Resorts Deploys Interactions IVA

December 15, 2017

Great Wolf Resorts is deploying Interactions’ Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) solution to assist with guest pre-arrival. The goal for North America’s largest group of indoor water park resorts is to enhance efficiency and productivity, thus creating the ultimate in customer experience delivery. IVA will also cut costs of having a physical check-in staff with Great Wolf’s speedy North American expansion.

Great Wolf is a family resort destination featuring a huge indoor water park with slides and water attractions, keeping families in the forefront of all it does. It needed a practical solution when managing the high rate of customer calls, reservation requests and questions as it saw its brand rapidly expand. Most importantly, the solution had to encompass personalization for every family looking to experience the indoor water parks. Fortunately, Interactions IVA was able to offer this.

“We wanted to create a very guest-focused, high-touch system for families planning a visit Great Wolf Lodge,” said Scott Wilson, Chief Commercial Officer, Great Wolf Resorts. “Guests call our contact center with a variety of questions about Great Wolf Lodge, ranging from water park hours to hotel amenities. Interactions IVA technology allows us to address the most common guest questions through an automated system, giving our reservations team the ability to spend more time interacting with guests to create the perfect Great Wolf Lodge getaway for their family.”

Interactions IVA meshes artificial intelligence with human understanding for the utmost in custom interactions between the company and its guests, who are able to complete tasks like altering reservations or planning a new visit through IVA in the same effective way that would otherwise require human agents. By using this system from Interactions, money is saved by not having to employ additional agents to handle these services. Employees can stay focused on welcoming guests and giving them the best experience possible.

“What stood out about Interactions IVA was its impact on both customers and employees,” said Pamela Petz, Director of the Customer Contact Center, Great Wolf Resorts. “During peak times, customers will have access to self-service capabilities, and won’t get stuck on hold to ask a simple question. At the same time, call center agents aren’t burdened with minor tasks, and can refocus their attention to more complex interactions.”