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Great Customer Service Breeds Brand Loyalty

December 14, 2017

IDC and LogMeIn conducted a study and learned what gained brand loyalty: level of customer service. The study, “Support Services as a Competitive Differentiator,” found 67 percent of consumers felt customer satisfaction reigned over price. However, 30 percent of companies believe reducing support costs is more vital than customer satisfaction. Does this balance out somewhere down the line in the study? Here are some more conclusions made after surveying 1,400 respondents from an array of industries, company sizes, titles, and locations.

We live in a digital world; ecommerce is mainstream, as eight out of 10 Americans are shopping online. That means that employers not only need the best in-store support, but must employ top-notch contact center agents to handle and resolve any issues that may arise. Support is key, as 89 percent of survey participants felt an agent they could positively communicate with was the most important part of the support encounter. Sadly, 24 percent claim their problem was never resolved by the agent and 33 percent said support took too long to achieve resolution.

“Today’s digital disruption signals the need for a fresh support strategy.  Service teams are being called upon to fulfill a greater purpose and are in a prime position to create success stories that can lead to better brand awareness, improve sales conversions, and ultimately, repeat business,” said Jennifer Cooke, Research Director, IDC.

Poor customer service affects agents’ jobs and how productive workers can be, as focus easily and quickly gets shifted. If a consumer is not receiving proper support, whether it is from a live agent or online, 52 percent of respondents say it becomes a hindrance to their ability to perform effectively. Additionally, 45 percent claim they are pulled away from their specific jobs in order to assist other agents. With productivity down, customer retention drops and so does the need for contact center agents.

There is hope, as 75 percent of companies have employed remote support solutions with 85 percent of consumers saying they found resolution quickly and efficiently. “Customer service inextricably linked with the overall success of a company,” said Dave Campbell, Vice President, Customer Engagement and Support at LogMeIn.  

How high do you put customer service in the value chain?

Edited by Erik Linask