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IMImobile Brings Omnichannel Chat to CXexchange

December 11, 2017

We live in a multichannel world. And many organizations are increasing the channels they support as part of their contact center efforts.

First there was voice. Then email. A few years ago some companies began using social network listening tools. Some organizations offer website visitors the ability to chat with people or bots to get a question answered or a problem resolved.

And lately there’s been a lot of talk about infusing contact centers with messaging capabilities in light of the popularity of communications tools like Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

In fact, it’s not just talk. Earlier today NICE inContact announced that IMImobile’s omnichannel chat technology is now available on its CXexchange marketplace.  Products in the marketplace integrate with NICE inContact’s CXone cloud-based customer experience platform.

The IMImobile solution enables CXone users to add messaging–  including email, Facebook Messenger, in-app chat, Skype for Business, SMS, Twitter, and WeChat – to their existing NICE inContact interface.

“Today’s consumers seek a conversational chat-based interaction with companies according to our research,” said Paul Jarman, CEO of NICE inContact. “With IMImobile’s omnichannel chat on CXone, contact center agents can easily navigate chat interactions across social, mobile and online channels. We welcome IMImobile as part of the CXexchange marketplace.”

Chris Bauserman, B2B SaaS marketing and product leader for NICE inContact, recently provided his predictions for what we’ll see in customer experience and contact centers in 2018. Here are his thoughts:

  • Analytics Will Walk the Walk: Analytics-based routing backed by advances in natural language understanding will be leveraged to get the right call to the right agent with the right information.
  • Contact Center Evaluation Makes the Big Shift: Contact centers (finally) shift main performance evaluations away from efficiency and productivity metrics to improvements in customer experience, and in some cases to revenue generation / retention.
  • Agent Desktop Consolidation Gets Real: In an effort to truly provide seamless and personalized CX, contact centers will make a renewed push to simplify and streamline agent experience from average of (~5-7) interfaces to a single or handful panels.

Edited by Maurice Nagle