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Enghouse Interactive Unveils TouchPoint Agent

December 05, 2017

The contact center is at the heart of customer service, as agents serve on the frontlines of the customer journey serving to usher callers toward brand satisfaction. This requires the appropriate tools in place to arm agents with an arsenal capable of delivering on expectations.

Today, Enghouse Interactive announced the release of TouchPoint Agent, a contact center offering for Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business Online. The serverless, lightweight application comes equipped with real-time dashboards, visual reporting, skills-based routing, CRM screen pop, directory searching for experts as well as call control and categorization.

“TouchPoint Agent is a response to our customers and partners who want call center functionality that is easy and effortless, and native to both Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business Online,” said John Cray, vice president of product management, Enghouse Interactive.

The Enghouse application is integrated into Office 365 and easily accessible via the desktop. And, TouchPoint Agent offers with it, Enghouses’s TouchPoint, an exceptional graphical interface that provides colorful metrics, context-sensitive control and intuitive interaction handling. Once a user gains a basic working knowledge of TouchPoint it is quite easy to leapfrog into more complicated and advanced levels of functionality.

Today’s announcement is another block added the formidable foundation Enghouse built over the years working with Microsoft, which by holding Gold Application Development and Communications competences places Enghouse in top one percent of the Microsoft partner ecosystem. For a limited time, Enghouse will allow your contact center to take the newly unveiled offering for a test drive, free of charge for 30 days.

“Simply download the application from our website and TouchPoint Agent will have you managing call-flow and customer service more efficiently in a matter of minutes. There’s no learning curve and additional servers are not required. For businesses that leverage Office 365 for productivity and communications, TouchPoint Agent is the only server-less application that can evolve their interaction capabilities without complex and costly integrations, training and support,” continued Cray.

The contact center is a complex melding of processes, people and technology to deliver upon customer expectations.

What technology is in your contact center?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz