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CenturionCARES Releases Upgraded CARES 14.0

November 17, 2017

Call centers face many challenges from high attrition rates to scheduling issues to stress put on ill-educated agents. That is where Florida-based CenturionCARES has come in to relieve some of the burden call centers experience. The company announced the release of its latest call center software, CARES 14.0.

An upgrade from version 12.0, which came with a friendlier look and feel, CARES 14.0 provides a more positive customer service experience, while helping the business as a whole. CARES 14.0 Contact Center and IVR solutions were created to specifically enhance day-to-day operations and increase productivity.

“There is an art as well as a science that goes into the design and deployment of a well-functioning Contact Center or IVR system,” said CenturionCARES EVP Business Development, Kirk Wormington.

The science behind CARES 14.0 has developed a cost-efficient payment processing solution that will benefit customers, SecurePay 10. PA DSS 3.2 certified and PCI standard compliant, CARES can now receive credit card payments, live or automated. This system removes the need for separate time-consuming authentication or costly payment processing systems.

In addition, CARES 14.0 tools lessen wait times, call times, and abandoned call rates, all also designed to deliver a more positive customer experience.

In addition to the additional features to positively impact the end customer, CenturionCARES also wanted to combat heavy attrition problems within call centers. The system has Quality Assurance tools in place to help manage service levels and enhance team motivation. CARES 14.0 is designed to alleviate turnover in the workplace, knowing leveling out stress will aid with this issue.

When volume is too high and staff is too low, agents become overwhelmed, angry, and stressed. That can lend to walk-outs but, with reports and simple inside communications, call center managers can gain an overall idea of how the service is functioning and have access to tools to more effectively work with the team to create a better work environment. That, in return, leads to higher retention and a more positive customer service experience.  

“CARES 14.0 will save our clients time and money by increasing productivity and reducing frustration – for both agent and caller – that contributes to high-turnover. This version is more than just an upgrade,” Wormington said. “It's a complete package that addresses the needs of the business in its entirety.”

Edited by Erik Linask