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Study Illustrates SAP Hybris Returns

November 09, 2017

Businesses using the cloud-based SAP Hybris solution for sales and service see ROI within three years.

This is according new research by Forrester Consulting. SAP Hybrid commissioned that research.

That research includes the Total Economic Impact of SAP Hybris Sales Cloud. It also includes the Total Economic Impact of SAP Hybris Service Cloud reports.

“Forrester designed a composite organization based on characteristics of the interviewed organizations,” the research firm explained. “Analysis shows organizations using SAP Hybris Sales Cloud for three years can experience an increased ROI of 437 percent, totaling net-new revenue of $18.4 million.”

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Because this solution can be accessed from a variety of devices and from virtually anywhere, it can allow for team productivity increases of 35 percent and related savings of $16.2 million. They can increase the average deal size by 28 percent due to the increased cross-sell and upsell support. And that, Forrester said, can drive $5 million in new revenue over three years.

They can also enhance customer experience and halve the time it takes to output forecasts.

“The study found that an organization using SAP Hybris Service Cloud can achieve an additional $12.3 million in net-new revenue, equating to an ROI of 363 percent,” Forrester said.

Here are some other data points about that SAP offering example:

• It can reduce call center operations and integrations costs by 42 percent

• It can increase service and field representative efficiency by 40 percent.

• It can grow income from upsell by 19 percent for an additional $5.2 million.

• It can improve the effectiveness of customer service teams by 56 percent due to fewer call transfers, improved access to customer information, and better targeting and recommendations.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz