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KIVA Announces New Hosted uCC for Contact Centers

November 03, 2017

KIVA Group, an omni-channel CEM/CRM software provider to financial institutions, announced its hosted Respect unified Communication Center (uCC) offering. Available to all credit unions and banks, the new inbound service solution can be deployed as a completely new agent service desktop, integrated into the core system in under a month.

Businesses that use the outsourced call center service, AnyHour Solutions, for after hours and overflow, can utilize established configurations to implement the hosted solution in under seven days. AHS deployed KIVA Respect uCC software six years ago to give agents more personalized and seamless customer interactions.

KIVA’s technology has powered AHS inbound service capabilities for institutions, including Altra Federal Credit Union, First Credit Union, Georgia United Credit Union, Interra Credit Union, and Vision Bank. The new hosted offering allows credit unions and banks the speed and efficiency to get up and running with robust communication center offerings.

“With the KIVA ‘QuickStart’ Respect uCC offering, institutions expedite their ability to create a foundation for a unified communication center that expands from inbound service to include email management, web chat, outbound calling, IVR and more in a single blended queue. For institutions already utilizing KIVA technology through the AnyHour service, this hosted solution is turnkey. Respect uCC also opens up a range of possibilities to make enhancements to strengthen sales, service and member/customer interaction management,” shared Tina Baker, director of business development, KIVA Group.

The main focus of the new hosted uCC solution is the wide array of capabilities essential to banks and credit unions, helping to achieve call center objectives; like centralized, real-time oversight, supervisory controls, and performance management.

KIVA Respect uCC is a subscriptions-based offering, offering a budget-friendly option that carries minimal risk for boosting call center capabilities.