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Pegasystems Using AI for Efficiency

November 02, 2017

Pegasystems Inc. announced new AI and virtual assistant capabilities in Pega solutions. Resolution time is lessened, errors eliminated, customer satisfaction is increased, and agent stress is reduced.

“When it comes to satisfying your customers, every second counts in the digital world. This is why many of our clients turn to our AI-powered solutions to help bring fast and accurate resolution to service cases coming in from any channel. These latest features reinforce Pega’s vision on the role of AI in augmenting the workforce – giving agents access to insights and knowledge that elevates their performance. This, in turn, will allow organizations to deliver unprecedented experiences in the most demanding and competitive environments,” shared Don Schuerman, CTO and VP product marketing, Pegasystems.

Pega AI-Automated Agent helps live agents during online chats with AI-powered resources. This helps accelerate conversations, as it analyzes each message in real time through NLP (natural language processing). The most appropriate response is then recommended for the agent. Machine learning helps the software better understand online chats, gradually gaining intelligence.

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Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Email triages incoming emails automatically without the need for live agents to read and process every message. The AI-driven bot utilizes NLP to analyze each email. New service cases are automatically opened and routed to proper resource, either live agent or a bot, and a response is quick and efficient. The new cases are pre-populated with applicable customer info to save time.

Pega Intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) uses AI to determine the reason for the inbound call by analyzing prior brand interactions from the customer. It looks at account information, and Pega formulates the most applicable options based on customer needs, whether self-service option or live agent.

The ability to anticipate what a customer’s needs are is a huge asset for any business. Leveraging analytics to offer an edge in customer engagement and service is smart step.

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