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Amazon Connects with USAN Visual IVR

October 26, 2017

We are all more than familiar with the IVR tango, intently listening to each menu of options, and much like a ping pong ball bouncing from agent to agent or option to option. IVR was intended to offer an efficient, self-service method to aid customers in either resolving issues in an automated fashion or transferring callers to the person that can. Well, IVR is evolving; and the next wave is Visual IVR, aimed at delivering the seamless, exceptional customer experience people expect.

This week, USAN announced the availability of its Visual IVR for Amazon Connect on the AWS Marketplace. The cloud contact center solution easily integrates with USAN’s IVR, making self-service a more prominent and effective option for businesses and customers to interact.

From a logistics standpoint, the USAN Visual IVR speeds up time to resolution. Customers demand more from self-service, and this release enables a mobile, visual experience that uses voice prompts to walk users through menus, flows, prompts and rules. And, there is SMS as well as mobile Web functionality too.

Complexity is a major hurdle for self service solutions, traditionally speaking. Fortunately, Visual IVR is capable of handling these more involved issues, which then keeps customers from racing to reach a person and keeps IVR containment rate up.

Now, companies can experience easy deployment of an enterprise-grade tool, reduced live agent costs, increased IVR containment and an improved customer experience overall coming from this recent integration.

“Amazon Connect makes it easy for companies to set up and start using a cloud-based contact center,” said Steve Walton, President and CEO of USAN. “By leveraging Amazon Connect, USAN customers gain access to enterprise-scale features while honoring the agility and open integration tenants of Amazon Web Services. Availability on AWS Marketplace enables USAN to be a value-added provider to the most exciting new contact center solution introduction in a decade.”

People say software is eating the world, I’m starting to be of the opinion that Amazon is feasting at the moment. The Amazon Connect release continues to build momentum, its ecosystem of integrations is growing and there’s simply no slowing the growth of AWS.

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz