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Serenova Strengthens Portfolio with TelStrat Purchase

October 23, 2017

For years, call recording went underutilized as a tool in the contact center. Today, call recording is needed for training, quality assurance, compliance and more; serving to ensure contact center operations are firing on all cylinders and customers receive the satisfaction they seek. Not all contact center solutions come equipped with this integral component, so partnerships quickly grew into the preferred integration method, but nowadays it seems acquisition is the action de jour.

Today, Serenova announced the purchase of TelStrat, a provider of workforce management, analytics, quality and call recording solutions, which fits perfectly into Serenova’s mission of “enabling simpler, brighter customer experiences.” Now plugged into the Serenova portfolio, companies gain access to a robust set of workforce engagement and optimization tools.

“Combining the power of CCaaS and WFO allows Serenova customers to quickly realize benefits to their bottom line through the reduction of employee and customer churn, enhanced contact efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction,” said Tom Schollmeyer, CEO of Serenova.

The TelStrat Engage Workforce Optimization family of products is feature-rich, future-forward and user friendly. From compliance, disaster recovery recording and quality assurance, to workforce management, performance improvement, analytics and easily digestible reporting, the addition brings much to the Serenova set of offerings.

And, due to Serenova’s API-first architecture, customers are frisky with flexibility. Customers can build, deploy and run contact centers to best meet needs, and do so with best practice guidance.

“Our acquisition of TelStrat’s technology and expertise allows Serenova the opportunity to provide its customers with a natively-integrated solution for CCaaS and WFO, and to accelerate its own revenue growth through cross-sell and channel synergies. And, because we believe strongly in offering an open, flexible platform to our customers and the market, we remain firmly committed to our existing WFO and WFM partnerships with Verint, Calabrio, and Teleopti as well,” continued Schollmeyer.

Selecting a comprehensive contact center solution is not always an open and shut case. Serenova is recognizing demand, and with the TelStrat acquisition creates a formidable portfolio of offerings fit for the modern contact center.

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz