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Antlion Audio Transforms Headphones Into VoIP Headsets

October 20, 2017

Antlion Audio, which develops customizable audio solutions for gaming, streaming and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications, announced its latest offering, ModMic Business. It is the first business offering joining the ModMic lineup, turning all headphones into high-performance VoIP headsets, simply by clipping the microphone onto the headphones and plugging it in. It’s specifically designed for small businesses, home office workers, and call centers, due to the noise-cancelling microphone.

“Over the last six years, our ModMic line of high-quality mics have developed a loyal following among gamers around the world, and that’s because they are reliable, affordable and because we’ve collaborated with those users to refine our designs to precisely meet their needs,” shared Elishaya Wisnievitz, CEO of Antlion Audio. “Today, we are pleased to launch our new ModMic Business product and bring it to the small business and home office market. We are confident it will enjoy tremendous success with those users because we’ve followed that same playbook, and tailored this offering to the unique demands of the business community.”

ModMic Business features the elimination of background noise – a uni-directional microphone only lets sound in from one direction. This dramatically reduces or completely eliminates other room noises.  A powered USB adapter comes in every package, which enhances call quality, without having to use dedicated soundcards, mixers, or audio interface devices.

A quick mute switch will instantly silence audio, to avoid unexpected distractions or interruptions. A patented magnetic clasp system allows for attachment or detachment of ModMic from any headphones. ModMic is compatible with a PCs or Macs, and any thin client enterprise VoIP or unified communications solution.

Are you ready to turn your headphones into a high-quality VoIP headset?

Edited by Erik Linask