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Avaya Contact Center Upgraded by WEBTEXT with Facebook Messaging

October 13, 2017

Text messaging has replaced face-to-face contact as well as traditional phone calls. A preferred method of communication for a growing percentage of the population, it seems to be the easiest way to keep in touch with friends and family. Many businesses, including doctors’ offices have given the option to be contacted via text for promotions and appointment reminders.

Social media is also dominating the way that consumers express distaste for a product, as opposed to call-in complaints. Avaya took note of such changes and asked WEBTEXT to help integrate a P2P messaging service into its contact center platforms.

“Today, over 75 percent of the public would rather text than call a contact center. WEBTEXT is committed to messaging innovation and is constantly seeking superior solutions to move voice traffic to messaging so the public, especially Millennials who don’t use voice, can communicate in their preferred channel,” said WEBTEXT CEO, AJ Cahill.

WEBTEXT’s offerings include AI chatbots with automatic escalation to a AACC, ACCS, EMC and Oceana contact center live messaging agent. It also offers an option for voice calls to be diverted to Facebook messenger or SMS. The messages and SMS sent can include a URL, order number or Google Maps address to callers while still on the phone.

WEBTEXT texts offer creative and convenient solutions to many of today’s communications challenges. Texts can be automated, agent initiated or customer initiated, and personalized for whatever the businesses needs happen to be.

Though texting may be the preferred method, there is something to be said about emotions getting lost in translation, which makes training critical to the success of text-based customer engagement.

Do your customers prefer messaging over phone calls too?

Edited by Erik Linask