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Enhanced Calabrio ONE Comes to Market

October 05, 2017

The most valuable commodity in the modern enterprise is data. Data-driven decision making is not a nice-ity, but a necessity in our digital age. The ability to know and not guess is invaluable. And, in the contact center companies seek optimal engagement by providing exceptional customer service to return prosperous results.

This week, Calabrio unveiled to new Calabrio ONE at its Calabrio Customer Connect event. The solution serves as a fully integrated engagement and workforce optimization suite for the modern enterprise, capable of supporting multichannel operations.

The enhanced Calabrio ONE touts a new arsenal of business intelligence and reporting tools to provide the enterprise with easy access to actionable insight derived from the copious amounts of data the contact center collects. And from there, an organization can improve employee engagement and customer service – thanks to data-driven decision making.

As far as enhancements go, the platform now includes Calabrio Advanced Reporting, a tool that is an end-to-end reporting solution, which integrates ERP, HRMS, CRM, WFO and ACD data to provide robust dashboards and visualizations that are easy to access and share with the contact center’s only concern being implementation.

In addition, the platform improved mobility features, language support and now offers pre-built adapters to integrate with Cisco, Avaya,, Google Analytics, Salesforce and more.  

“Calabrio ONE not only delivers on the needs of the enterprise, it offers unparalleled ease-of-use for contact centers worldwide,” said Tom Goodmanson, president and CEO of Calabrio. “The new platform provides enterprises with the visualization and reporting they need to easily gain insights from customer and employee interaction data to drive results across the business…Not only is it expensive and time-consuming to hire and train new employees, contact centers that have a virtual revolving door of agents typically struggle to maintain acceptable customer satisfaction rates. Our new platform helps contact centers engage their agents and, in turn, build better customer experiences.”

Company collect oodles and oodles of data on a daily basis, and thus have a responsibility to put that data to work to improve operations. Stop playing a guessing game, and know how to best serve customers.

What solution is in your contact center?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz