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Enacomm and CallVU Merge to Deliver Digital Services to Fiscal Institutions

September 26, 2017

This week, Enacomm announced a merger with CallVU to deliver digital services to financial institutions. Research shows the mobile market has infiltrated approximately 80 percent of the United States, making it prime for all financial institutions.

The ultimate goal is to take telephony customers and lead them the way of self-service, an extremely economical decision for businesses. There, clients can guide the call to answer specific questions or solve problems. If self service can’t produce the desired outcome, a knowledgeable agent will answer, client info already pulled up and ready to resolve the issue at hand.

"The businesses we serve today are continuously seeking to improve their operations and to elevate customer experience. We found CallVU to be the right partner to extend the IVR journey into an omni-channel experience with its Visual IVR capabilities,” according to Michael Boukadakis, Enacomm’s Chief Executive Officer.

With a positive customer experience, clients hang up feeling issues were resolved in a proper and timely manner. This is imperative when dealing with banking and financial institutions after prominent breaches, cyber attacks, fraudulent activity, etc. Whether it is dealing with personal or big business money, answers must be immediate, and resolution a necessity.

CallVU’s means of meshing with Enacomm will consistently allow financial institutions to extend IVR into digital experiences. There is more to be learned about what Enacomm and CallVU can do, up close and personal at two separate events. Enacomm will be in Nashville, Tennessee from October 16-19 at the Jack Henry Annual Conference. CallVU will be at the Money20/20 show being held at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 22-25.

Edited by Maurice Nagle