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Twilio Studio Visualizes Customized App Creation

September 21, 2017

Twilio has introduced a new tool that enables users to build customer service solutions without coding. It’s called the Twilio Studio visual interface. And it can be used to build things like messaging bots, IVR systems, and notification workflows.

The company says Twilio Studio can shave down application creation time from weeks to minutes. And it invites interested parties to preview this new solution at

“Twilio APIs have long helped software developers build communications workflows into business applications,” the company says. “Twilio Studio opens up that capability to a wider variety of builders inside a company to build, scale, and iterate on workflows - ultimately accelerating roadmaps and enabling faster iteration on ideas.

“Software developers can build workflows and hand them off to business operators to iterate on later,” Twilio says. “Business users will be able to build many workflows themselves, without needing a developer up front. With Studio, the business gets the best of both worlds: the flexibility that only comes from custom software development, with the speed of a packaged solution.”

Twilio Studio includes alibrary of widgets that represent various communication channels and functions. Users of Twilio Studio can change content and routing logic visually as opposed to using code. Workflows built with Twilio Studio are hosted on the Twilio Runtime elastic cloud infrastructure. U.K. vehicle supermarket CarShop is among the users of Twilio Studio.

Al Cook, director of product and head of the contact center business at Twilio, authored a piece in the first quarter 2017 issue of TMC’s CUSTOMER magazine in which he wrote: “The only way to know your contact center solution will scale to current and future demands is to take control of your own roadmap. Whether you are building something from scratch, or augmenting what you already have, composable communication building blocks let you focus on upgrading the entire customer experience, rather than the hardware or software.”

Edited by Mandi Nowitz