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Ecosmob Announces Dynamic IVR Solution

September 15, 2017

Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited has announced its new IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution. This will enable customer service departments to function on a higher level, giving clients the control over gaining optimum in satisfaction when it comes to service.

With custom VoIP, mobile apps, and Web solutions, the offerings are essential for MNC’s (multinational corporations). It allows for costs to stay lower with businesses operating on a consistent 24/7 basis, to meet all of the client’s needs. Brand loyalty is essential to Ecosmob as it offers a complete customer service experience.

Ecosmob targets midsized to large scale enterprises with IVR allowing companies to control what they want clients to hear and respond to, banks as a prime example. With the implementation of IVR, clients can check their bank statements, balances, etc. over the phone. Businesses have the capability to design the format as to how they want menus set; a live being can be reached if a caller has further concerns. Most of the guesswork can be done through a keyboard and switched up based on business changes and needs.

The concept of multi-level IVR, speech recognition, and handling clients in real-time, only adds to the appeal of any enhancements that are and can be made to a voice recognition system. Fundamentally, not having to employ live staff is even more attractive for companies. Money in pockets is a huge reason why IVR is being implemented on many levels.

Call automation allows a personalized experience sans a live person; all questions can be answered while being directed to the appropriate channels. Done properly, this could be one of the most efficient uses of IVR we will see.

How’s the IVR at your company?

Edited by Maurice Nagle