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Elision Technolab Unleashes Cloud Contact Center Solution

September 15, 2017

From the contact center to the c-suite, data center and beyond, the cloud is making its presence felt – in a big way. The contact center is improving operations and delivery of service thanks to this burgeoning technology, with the proof in the pudding, as companies are moving in mass exodus to cloud contact center solutions in order to take advantage.

This week, Elision Technoloab LLP has announced a new cloud contact center offering, Dialshree. This marks the Indian firm’s first foray into the cloud contact center space, as for years it made its name developing on-premises VoIP solutions.

Features of Dialshree include: auto dialer, predictive dialer, manual dialer, preview dialer, skill based call routing, ACD, agent management, user management, campaign management, admin management, callback scheduling, call transfer, call park and retrieve, mute/ unmute, DNC lead management, 3 way call conference, barge-in, whisper, call recording, IVR , LCV, call logs and a number of reporting capabilities.

"We have been working in the contact center solution industry for more than 10 years. We have developed advanced contact center software, namely, Dialshree which supports all required channels of communication such as call, fax, email, SMS. Also, we offer a range of advanced features and service to provide a solid communication solution to meet the dynamic need of any small to big contact center. We offer turnkey contact center solution, i.e., call center software along with the required hardware of Sangoma. As our customers started demanding for a cloud based contact center solution, we have launched this service. Now, our customers can take the benefits of combination of our call center solution and cloud technology," shared spokesperson of the Elision Technolab LLP.

In addition to the contact center solution, Elision will integrate Dialshree with your company’s CRM, further adding to the contact center arsenal.

Customer service is a realist venture, leaving no margin for not making the grade in the contact center. The cloud contact center is quickly becoming the status quo.

How is your contact center performing?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz