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Vidyo Visual Communiations App Available in NICE inContact's CXexchange

September 08, 2017

The game is about to change as NICE inContact announced that products by Vidyo (which is a part of DEVone) are now available for purchase on CXexchange marketplace. All of these apps can be integrated easily with NICE inContact CXone, the company’s cloud customer experience platform. Vidyo’s mission is to allow contact center workers to maintain face-to-face relationships with their customers while never stopping what they are currently doing, essentially enhancing the multitasking experience.

So, what exactly are the direct benefits of VidyoEngage? For starters, it offers high-quality face-to-face interactions on any video-enabled device, which is a tremendous benefit for remote workers, mobile technicians, conference calls, and particularly for contact centers and support orgnaizations. More personalization and clarity could mean more business in the long run. Along with that, those on the call can transfer and/or add subjects via videos on these calls, something that can cause instant resolution and gratification. It is all about prime efficiency and that is absolutely what is being offered. There is also the option of sharing documents while on a call so all-around, Vidyo delivers an enhanced engagement experience to meet today’s demands.

CEO of Vidyo, Eran Westman shared: “Vidyo is excited for this partnership with NICE inContact and to become part of CXexchange. Our platform seamlessly integrates with CXone to help customers around the world simply maintain the human touch in their digital transformation.”

NICE inContact CEO Paul Jarman added: “With DEVone, partners like Vidyo can integrate new service options with the CXone platform, and then make them available to NICE inContact customers through the CXexchange marketplace. Organizations looking for advanced ways to engage with customers can use CXone to transform the services they provide and to stay competitive by responding faster to ever-changing consumer expectations. We welcome Vidyo as part of the CXexchange marketplace.” 

Edited by Erik Linask