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Benefit Management Solutions Aims for Customer Satisfaction via NewVoiceMedia

August 28, 2017

Benefit Management Solutions is taking charge of its customer and business interactions by enlisting NewVoiceMedia and ContactWorld for Service with the goal of having top of the line customer experiences.

An alliance between Benefit Management Solutions and NewVoiceMedia was officially announced August 24 as the two are making customer satisfaction a primary goal, something that more and more businesses are becoming hip to. By using ContactWorld, the conversations will be more successful for the New York-based Benefit Management Solutions. The contact center’s operations are expected to now become more enhanced while, again, a stellar customer experience is the primary goal.

Christopher Fletcher, CEO of Benefit Management Solutions had this to say: “In NewVoiceMedia, we recognized a solution that could streamline the way we manage inbound and outbound calls with our customers, and a partner we could grow with as we continue to focus on cloud-based strategies that positively impact our business.” The Senior Vice President of Marketing for NewVoiceMedia, Tom Pickard, chimed in, as well: “We are excited to be working with Benefit Management Solutions as we continue our rapid growth in North America. ContactWorld’s integration with Salesforce Service Cloud and scalable technology will allow the company to deliver more personal, efficient and cost-effective service as it continues growing its business.”

Another benefit to having ContactWorld working for Benefit Management Solutions is the fact that it will eliminate the need for any on-site contact systems. BMS prides themselves on being a “full-service, resource-intensive benefits administration” as well as outsourcing company. They can also offer disaster recovery and, again, as it must be reiterated, an extremely one-on-one customer experience. Both companies seem to have a very positive outlook when it comes to working with one another and that is an enviable way to begin a new partnership. 

Edited by Ken Briodagh