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Voxbone and CallMiner to Merge

August 28, 2017

On August 24, it was announced that resolution seeking company, CallMiner, and Voxbone had joined forces in one of the best possible mergers, no extra equipment and very little fees necessary.

With clients such as Skype, Zoom, 8x8, InContact, and more, it would only make sense that Voxbone’s newly-spawned Speech Analytics service would be a great addition to any existing business. With that being said, enter CallMiner Eureka, which has been ranked number one in customer satisfaction via surveys conducted by both DMG Consulting and Ovum. CallMiner’s main motto is “Listen to Your Customer, Improve Your Business,” making it clear why Voxbone would want to collaborate with them as they believe resolution is the key for the best in a customer experience.

According to CallMiner Vice President of Global Business, Tom Wendt: “We are thrilled that Voxbone’s customers will have access to CallMiner Eureka to help boost sales, streamline resolution times and generally increase visibility for their voice-based processes.” The recording infrastructure used by Voxbone along with Eureka’s insights will almost ensure that there are no more undocumented calls and no stone is left unturned. When a business says that they can go back and listen to the “tapes,” this will really help allow for the ultimate in accuracy.

The fact that companies can now have access to top of the line recordings, voice calls, and efficiency, only verifies why CallMiner and Voxbone are the perfect example of two companies coming together to help the business world a better place to be a part of. When you are getting quality at wholesale prices, who is really the winner here?

So, how will this boost business for CallMiner and Voxbone, especially with high ratings and top of the line clients? Only time will tell, but what matters the most is that we are making strides to get to where we should have been all along.

Edited by Ken Briodagh