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Nexidia Analytics Answers Cries for Contact Center Efficiency

August 22, 2017

A picture may say a thousand words, but numbers never lie. Put the two together, and this is the power of analytics at work. And recently, a Brazilian technology services provider and business process outsourcer experienced how transformational data-driven operations are.

CSU Contact selected NICE’s cloud-based Nexidia Analytics solution to boost contact center efficiency, and the results speak resoundingly. The Brazilian firm boasts exponential efficiency improvements – to the tune of 10 times. In leveraging Nexidia Analytics, CSU gains insight into interactions like never before.

Ricardo Leite, CFO, IRO and CSU.Contact General Director noted, “We are pleased to work in partnership with NICE on optimizing our Insights CSU.Contact and Bots CSU.Contact services. Together, we are perfecting a service model that unites the very best in people and technology, providing rapid analysis of large volumes of various types of customer interactions across multiple channels. Our Quality Assurance teams are able to provide more extensive services, and CSU is able to deliver greater business insight and process improvement recommendations to our customers.”

CSU’s customer outsourcing unit, CSU.Contact handles more than 35 million interactions annually, offering innovative and customized customer service solutions. With a little help from NICE partner Telesul, Nexidia Analytics was easily integrated into the CSU.Contact’s quality assurance processes.

The solution enables CSU.Contact’s QA team to alleviate much in the way of manual tasks, now able to focus on actionable business insights for CSU customers. Coupled with omni-channel analytics, real time analysis is a reality.

Yaron Hertz, president, NICE Americas explained, “CSU.Contact is one of NICE's most innovative clients and the first contact center in Latin America to implement NICE’s Nexidia Analytics solution. This is the latest indication of remote service providers, among more and more companies in all industries, seeking to reinvent their customer service and achieve their business objectives with analytics-driven process optimization. NICE Analytics is meeting this demand with unprecedented accuracy, automation and scalability, enabling enterprises to leverage powerful insights gained from omni-channel interactions and ensure a rapid ROI.”

Analytics are an invaluable tool in the modern business world. From the contact center and customer service to the c-suite, digital transformation is taking hold and stealing the spotlight are the firms deploying data-driven decision making and strategy.

Do you have analytics in your contact center?

Edited by Maurice Nagle