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Devlin Joins ZOOM International

August 15, 2017

Communications industry veteran Bill Devlin has taken over as vice president of worldwide product management at ZOOM International. This news comes less than six months after the call center workforce optimization company named a new CEO – and announced its existing one will leave to lead an analytics company ZOOM has spun off.

Devlin previously worked at Genesys/Interactive Intelligence, where he was principle product manager and led the company’s PureCloud effort. Before that he was the director of technical training and a sales engineer at AudioCodes. He has also served as a software and systems engineer at Nortel.

He will work with the ZOOM International team and the company’s new CEO, Brian Shore, to continue to move the company forward. ZOOM International says it’s already come a long way since Simon Vostry founded it 18 years ago. Since then, ZOOM has evolved from a small software company out of Prague in the Czech Republic to a global company with nearly 1,600 customers in 90 countries.

ZOOM’s new CEO, Shore, has been with the company since 2008. “With Brian on board, our revenues increased more than 10 times and our Net Promoter Score reached a staggering 82 percent for 2016 based on almost 1,000 surveys filled [out] by customers and partners,” Vostry noted in a March blog.

In that same blog, Vostry announced his departure from ZOOM, and his move to the new analytics company, which is called Ytica.

CUSTOMER magazine, a TMC publication, in November of 2015 ran a Q&A with Vostry in which he spoke about ZOOM, analytics, and business intelligence.

“We provide solutions to improve customers’ experiences when they reach out to contact centers,” Vostry said of ZOOM at the time. “The regulatory requirement of interaction recording is the foundation, but the value lies in what can be done with all of this data. How can you use this data to make customers more satisfied? How do you anticipate trends? Our typical customer has about 200 to 500 agents in the contact center, and we are trying to improve their operations, lower attrition, which is a huge issue, and increase profits.” 

Edited by Alicia Young