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JetBlue: Brand New Customer Experience Coming Soon

August 11, 2017

Off the top of my head, if asked what industry has the worst customer service, without question number one with a bullet is the Airline industry. This much maligned vertical time after time seems to have a knack of further cementing its poor customer service. This week, however, JetBlue made an announcement that might help in swaying public opinion – well, at least for JetBlue.

JetBlue has partnered with Gladly to boost its own customer experience and revolutionize the omni-channel customer journey. With the Gladly platform in place, JetBlue passengers can enjoy continuous conversation with JetBlue’s support team, across communications channels.

The beauty of Gladly is its people-first approach in that, unlike legacy contact center solutions, channels are not siloed. So whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, email, text, chat or phone, customers need not waste time and energy retelling the same query over and over.

“We’ve always taken an innovative approach to customer service and this partnership will further advance our leadership,” said Frankie Littleford, vice president customer support, JetBlue. “We started JetBlue with the idea that we could bring humanity back to air travel but the customer support technology hasn’t kept up with the increasing number of ways customers want to interact with us. Gladly gives us the tools to deliver on our mission in today’s environment.”

Say you’re on your way to the airport, with time already tight you hit some traffic. Concerned about missing your flight, you text JetBlue about your possible delay. From the JetBlue side, an agent can view the text, gauge urgency and respond appropriately. Such as, texting the worried traveler re-booking options. Once completed, an email confirmation is sent and worry is out the window.

“JetBlue and Gladly have a shared focus on people and humanizing every experience. By empowering JetBlue crewmembers with technology that helps them understand their customers more deeply, it frees up crewmembers to focus on what matters most – the person,” said Joseph Ansanelli, CEO and co-founder of Gladly. “JetBlue stands out as one of a handful of companies for whom customer service isn’t an afterthought – it’s fundamental to who they are as a brand. We're thrilled to partner with JetBlue to help them continue to raise the bar for exceptional experiences.”

While JetBlue touts its customer service, founded on the notion of “bringing humanity back to air travel,” this is easier said than done – especially in an industry with such a horrible reputation for customer service. However, this is major step forward. As long as JetBlue doesn’t break any expensive guitars or arbitrarily ask people to deplane so an employee can take the vacant seat, I see nothing but blue skies ahead (pun intended).