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BeachBody Gets Contact Center Boost with SingleComm Solution

August 02, 2017

When you hear the name Shaun T, what comes to mind? For me, it’s Beachbody INSANITY, and the entertaining infomercials. While time after time I’ve pondered calling in and ordering the life-changing workout experience, I’ve yet to do so, but there are many diving headfirst into the INSANITY workout.

The Beachbody contact center hit a few roadblocks along the way, but recently announced that SingleComm has stepped in to help drive efficiency and revenue.

In specific, SingleComm’s Dynamic Scripting & Conversation Platform to manage nearly 80 scripts across 12 call centers to ensure the billion-dollar health and wellness company – made famous by P90X and INSANITY workouts – continues to build its roster of health conscious customers.

"Our Dynamic Scripting & Conversation Platform eliminates the development time that has long plagued the testing and modification process that's so crucial to successful campaigns," said Michael Puccinelli, CEO and co-founder of SingleComm.

Agents simply follow the script, after testing a script’s efficacy changes are typically in order. Traditionally, the edit and modification process can take up to six weeks. With the SingleComm contact center solution in place this process can reach completion in a few days.

But wait, there’s more. Our real time world requires real time solutions, and as agents attempt to close deals, the Dynamic Scripting & Conversation Platform offers real time insight, allowing companies to make real time changes on the fly – saving time and money involved in the antiquated editing process.

Puccinelli noted, "The fact that SingleComm is helping Beachbody increase efficiencies and revenues is very satisfying. We're thrilled to be working with one of the world's leading direct sales companies, and we look forward to an ongoing relationship."

The contact center is a Swiss watch, and like BeachBody has learned it’s not about how hard you work per say, but how efficient and effective operations are. The only burn one needs to feel is during a workout, not in customer service or sales operations.

Edited by Alicia Young