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Avaya Innovates with New CX Cloud

July 13, 2017

Avaya late last month took the wraps off a new cloud-based customer service solution that provides some pretty interesting and forward-looking capabilities.

That includes the ability to provide contact center agents with a visual representation of the customer journey and suggestions on how and when to try to upsell specific individuals. It identifies patterns and trends to allow companies to improve their campaigns and do more personalization. It allows for customized workflow automation and notifications to better address specific industry-vertical requirements.

The Avaya Customer Engagement Cloud, which leverages Avaya Breeze and Oceana technology, also delivers agent performance insight and suggestions on what coaching might be most effective and when. And it provides agents with one interface through which they can address a variety of interaction types.

But perhaps most interestingly is that it enables customers with virtual reality glasses from Avaya partner EXP360 to make calls direct from those goggles, and lets agents see what they’re seeing, so the agents can guide the end users through the experience. EXP360 is a company that provides immersive sales solutions to the travel and tourism industries so customers and prospects can take virtual reality-enabled video tours.

“There are really three things that we look at as key to transforming service interaction: connectivity to serviced things, context, and frictionless engagement,” said Mike Sale, director of online engagement with Avaya. “With our rollout of Avaya Oceana, we’re focused first on automation technologies to greatly enhance the customer experience and gain insight into the customer journey. Once we know the product, the conversation, and the customer journey, we use Oceana’s attribute-based matching to bring the right people and content to the engagement.”

Mike Taylor, CTO of Strategic Products and Services Inc., added, “Avaya’s Breeze and Oceana platforms offer the ability to seamlessly support all channels, customize the customer experience, and provide agents with the end-to-end context of the customers’ journey. The combination of SPS’s expertise and Avaya’s industry-leading portfolio, enables us to support our clients through the most complex and demanding customer experience requirements, both in the present and well into the future.”

Edited by Alicia Young