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Opportunities Arise When Agents and Chatbots Work Together

July 11, 2017

The contact center is far more than an engagement hub; it rests on the tip of the innovation spear, with advancements in chatbots taking center stage in recent months. With all this development aimed at improving the customer experience it’s easy for agents to get lost in the shuffle, but a recent customer service survey from Aspect software showcases how man and “machine” can work in tandem to boost operations.

The Aspect Agent Experience hammered home the positive effect chatbots can bring to the contact center, and specifically the agent experience. While other reports note that this burgeoning arena of technology will in the not too distant future replace most contact center agents, Aspect stands true; let me show you how.

Agents surveyed note that up to 80 percent of calls received involve queries requiring minimal effort to resolve. Almost half of agents stated they’d prefer handling these “easy” calls, but the majority sees complex issues as opportunity.

Nearly 80 percent of respondents explained that the deployment of chatbots allows them to hone their craft and improve skills to better do their jobs, and improve the handling of more complex issues. In handling these more complex issues, more than 70 percent stated feeling like they make a bigger impact on company success. Also, nearly 65 percent of agents surveyed believe the introduction of chatbots allow them to provide customers with more personalized experiences.    

“Simple inquiries handled by agents tend to be very brief, and little if any interaction or engagement takes place. Question complexity, therefore, becomes a more fertile opportunity for skill growth and career advancement,” says Joe Gagnon, Aspect Chief Customer Officer. “Over half of the agents we surveyed (57 percent) feel they have a better chance of moving up in the organization if they can demonstrate more subject matter expertise. So when chatbots take over “easy-question” management, they satisfy the interaction preferences of customers and at the same time engage and enlighten the employee. It’s truly a better-together solution.”

The customer experience has long been in the crosshairs of the contact center, but in recent years the agent experience is growing in importance. Contact centers are known for high turnover rates, and in improving the agent experience it not only saves on new hires, but it improves customer service across the board. And, chatbots can play a key role in this evolution moving forward.

Download the full report HERE.

Edited by Alicia Young