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Bright Pattern Partners to Improve Contact Center Solutions

July 06, 2017

Data is the most valuable commodity in the modern business world. Data-driven decision making means the difference between throwing something at the wall with high hopes it sticks and hitting the bull’s eye. In customer service, the capability to capitalize on customer data is invaluable, as personal, more contextual service is mission critical in completing the next sale and creating a loyal customer base.

In a move to augment its contact center solutions, Bright Pattern announced a partnership with The Data Group allowing users of Bright Pattern Contact Center software real time access to The Data Group database of caller profiles. 

“The data augmentation of The Data Group provides Bright Pattern customers with the competitive advantage of information and complete understanding of their customers,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, CEO of Bright Pattern. “Agents can provide a faster and more customized response, delivering a better customer experience and improving contact center KPIs.”

Now, when a call comes in, The Data Group database will populate caller information – location, phone, demographics, email etc. A message pops up on the agent’s desktop, and as the call ensues information can be easily updated.

Every second counts in the contact center; by saving a few seconds during the data entry and collection procedure, more customers can receive faster and more effective service, which in the end results in  improved KPIs and contact center performance as a whole.

“As customers and businesses alike are constantly striving to make communication faster, easier, and more efficient, we feel this partnership brings a whole new level to customer communication,” said Justin Henson, Director of Operations at The Data Group. “We are extremely excited to be working with industry leader Bright Pattern and look forward to future growth between the two companies.”

Today’s omni-channel contact center is a robust customer engagement center where speed counts and a negative encounter can turn quite costly.

What contact center solution are you using?

Edited by Alicia Young