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Selectra Sheds Infrastructure for ContactWorld Contact Center Solution

June 20, 2017

In the contact center, there are no points for second place. Like the old saying goes, “there’s no second chance at a first impression.” This means operations must be firing on all cylinders, to ensure each and every caller receives an exceptional level of service. And, in the contact center, first and foremost, this starts with telephony infrastructure in place.

Today, NewVoiceMedia announced that Selectra signed a three year deal to leverage the ContactWorld for Service Platform. ContactWorld will replace the Talkdesk infrastructure in place with the cloud contact center offering, moving toward a more robust solution powered by NewVoiceMedia’s API-driven approach.

Aurian de Maupeou, co-founder of Selectra, notes, “We spent several months benchmarking contact center technologies and NewVoiceMedia’s pricing and ability to implement a new integration within tight deadlines made it the best choice. We integrated ContactWorld into Zoho in less than a month using NewVoiceMedia’s API-led platform, and are experiencing far superior integration capabilities than with our previous technology.”

As a result of NewVoiceMedia’s API-focused approach, key upgrades come in the form of improved tracking of customer interactions and measurement of service levels. Due to deep integration with Zoho, feature-rich functionality and the ability to instantly boost the customer experience, the decision came easy for Selectra.

Contact center agents now gain access to a complete customer history, and calls are routed intelligently to ensure the optimal agent is on the case. This improves both customer satisfaction and handling time. Managers can easily access the system regardless of location, and can review real time reporting on operations providing actionable insight.

Scott Sampson, Chief Revenue Officer of NewVoiceMedia, exclaims, “We’re delighted to be working with Selectra and further accelerating our business throughout Europe. ContactWorld’s seamless CRM integration, scalability and flexibility will help the company deliver a completely unique and personalized customer experience to thousands of customers across Europe, while also improving advisor performance and satisfaction.”

The contact center is not the place to lose your edge. Operations must be razor sharp, with Swiss watch like precision. Based on today’s announcement, Selectra seems to get it.

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Edited by Alicia Young