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Aspect Named Vendor of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

June 09, 2017

Aspect Software, a provider of fully integrated consumer engagement, workforce optimization and self-service solutions, is all about improving the customer journey. The company’s ultimate goal is to help enterprises break down the walls between people, processes, systems and data sources. It does this by helping companies produce an omni-channel experience with the help of fully native interaction management, workforce optimization and self-service capabilities, all of which are located within a single customer engagement center.

The company understands that, at the end of the day, it all comes down to customer satisfaction. Contact centers are supposed to be about helping customers resolve whatever issues or questions they may have, and Aspect is determined to provide companies with contact center solutions that will help aid in that mission. By offering options such as its SaaS Workforce Management solution and by conducting consumer experience studies, Aspect is helping companies improve upon the customer journey one step at a time.

Its dedication to helping other companies improve has, in turn, caused Aspect to grow into a better operation. That’s why the company was just awarded the 2017 Frost & Sullivan Thailand Contact Center Applications Vendor of the Year Award. Frost & Sullivan gives this award to a company that demonstrates excellence in growth, innovation and leadership. Given Aspect’s dedication toward helping others improve through innovative contact center solutions, it was an obvious choice for the award.

Krishna Baidya, Head of Customer Contact Research Digital Transformation - Asia Pacific Frost & Sullivan, discussed why Aspect was chosen for the award, saying, “Aspect's transformational journey in the region in recent years was built based on a customer experience perspective and innovation. The vendor was able to establish a deeper engagement with both existing and new customers in Thailand with its complete suite of customer engagement solutions and customer-centric approach to deliver bespoke solutions. Account-based marketing and conducting workshops with prospective customers together with its partners have helped Aspect to gain further mindshare across varied sectors and add many new clients. Aspect's success in doubling its business volume in 2016 in the highly matured and competitive Thailand market is a great testimony of its focus and ability.”