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TCN Bolsters Contact Center with Text Messaging

May 24, 2017

The pursuit of the omnichannel customer experience is still a point of vital effort for contact centers and businesses throughout many different markets. Getting all those forms of contact more readily into one place, meanwhile, can be a challenge. TCN is making it a little easier for the contact center to incorporate at least one element of omnichannel with its new AgentSMS release, a tool which allows short message service (SMS) text messaging to be added to contact center operations.

With AgentSMS in place, users get access to a slate of text messaging tools, allowing contact center agents to not only respond to customer issues and questions, but also send payment reminders or other follow-up contact measures all from that text platform. Since it's also integrated with TCN Platform 3.0's business intelligence operations, the end result allows for better interaction and an improved chance of repeat business.

Additionally, AgentSMS offers operations without sending limits—which means companies can send as many texts as needs require without fear of artificial capping—along with both SMS responses and codes to provide easier contact. List building tools are also in place, and since the SMS system integrates with voice and email campaigns, the end result is a much closer push on omnichannel operations. Since it's a cloud-based system, it requires very little in the way of internal staff to manage and monitor events, which means costs are lower as a result.

TCN CEO and co-founder Terrel Bird commented, “AgentSMS is a highly effective communications tool, and we are confident that it will help businesses communicate with their customers in a more efficient and cost-effective way. AgentSMS is just one more tool we’ve added to our comprehensive call center suite to enhance our services, and we are committed to providing the best cloud-based contact center technology to our customers around the world.”

In the end, AgentSMS provides users with a valuable connection to the text messaging field, which is itself a potentially potent market thanks to the sheer number of users of text messaging tools there are anyway. While phone access is still top dog, there are already signs that phone support is eroding in favor of various other contact methods, and text messaging is right up front. So by setting up the necessary infrastructure to make that happen now, businesses will be ready to supply a preferred contact method and get out in front of competitors.

The point of omnichannel is to allow customers to talk to a business via the means said customers most want to. TCN's AgentSMS just helps open that door when text messaging is involved.  

Edited by Alicia Young