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Vivonet Deploys Cloud Contact Center Solution

May 22, 2017

Earlier this week, Vivonet announced that it is deploying PureCloud by Gensys, a cloud-based contact center solution that helps facilitate both interactions with customers and collaboration and coordination between employees. The solution will be used amongst the 30 agents that Vivonet currently has deployed in the Vancouver area, and will allow the company to quickly scale up another 28 agents in Columbus, Ohio. That plan is scheduled to begin later this year.

The selection of PureCloud by Genesys comes at the tail end of an extensive test of the platform against its competitors. Vivonet compared PureCloud against a number of other competitors in the world of cloud based contact center solutions across over 300 metrics, and came away with its decision. The No. 1 reason that Vivonet cited when making its decision was the flexibility and ease of use of the platform.

“PureCloud by Genesys is so intuitive that our non-technical interns were able to build a fully-functioning contact center in mere days, using only the comprehensive resource documentation,” said Shafique Adiatia, Vivonet's system administrator. “From start to finish, full system deployment took less than a month — from the initial contact center build-out, to the development of advanced call logic, to full agent adoption.”

The deployment of this platform should allow Vivonet to facilitate a better customer experience by having better customer outreach and support. “With PureCloud by Genesys, we make better decisions for how and when we staff our technical support environment,” Adatia went on to say. “And, we use the listen functionality, dual phone recording, and customer journey metrics to understand every step of the customer experience—from when they first dial our number, to the option they selected to get to an agent, to the entire path they took until the call ends.”

At the end of the day, Vivonet selected PureCloud because it makes it easy to manage customer interactions and get employees to work together. More and more businesses are turning to cloud based contact center solutions as they allow them to easily scale and customize their contact centers.