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NexGen Agency Provides Contact Center Check-Ups

May 17, 2017

NexGen Agency, a provider of contact center and customer relationship management services, has just revamped its entire website. The website has become much more streamlined and intuitive, making it easier than ever for users to log on and find everything they need. But what really has people buzzing is the complimentary “check-up” option that can be accessed from the site.

Visitors to NexGen’s website can now use the site to give companies feedback on their Facebook and call center practices. By answering a few questions, managers can receive information about their call centers regarding which of their practices are strong, which can be improved, and product offerings from NexGen that can be leveraged.

Even more impressive is the Facebook aspect of the check-up service. Users need only enter the URL of their Facebook page, and they will receive detailed information regarding their efficacy. Users can instantly find out their average response time, click through rates, levels and rates of engagement, as well as how well those metrics stack up to the competition. The website will even give specific recommendations to contact center agents, and again make the suite of NexGen products available if they could be used to help improve their efforts.

The fact that contact centers are important to businesses is something that has always been known intuitively. Businesses need to be constantly available to connect with customers to drive more business and keep customers satisfied by giving support when needed. However, the issue is that it has been difficult to quantify exactly what aspects of the contact centers are working and which are not. This makes it difficult for contact centers to be improved, as businesses simply just don’t know where to spend money or make changes. This diagnostic check-up tool is part of the solution. Businesses can use this tool to pinpoint exactly where their contact center issues are stemming from, and then work to correct them.  

Edited by Alicia Young