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Serenova and Calabrio Partner for Contact Center Solutions

May 11, 2017

Serenova, a leading worldwide provider of contact center as a service solutions, announced yesterday that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Calabrio, a company that specializes in data analytics for workforce optimization. The goal will be for the two companies to work together to create an enhanced contact center experience that will increase customer satisfaction and allow businesses to scale more rapidly.

While contact centers are not only a valuable but an essential part of almost any business, they can also be a nightmare if not managed properly. If agents are not working efficiently or are not deployed properly, the entire operation becomes an extremely costly quagmire that does not yield any of the benefits it is supposed to.

This is the issue that this partnership is aimed at resolving. The data analytics of Calabrio make it easier than ever for businesses to realize if there are inefficiencies in their contact center, such as agents focusing on the wrong topics or being under or overstaffed. This will help the contact centers furnished by Serenova become much more cost effective and useful, saving costs that are not necessary and generating more ROI for businesses.

“A contact center’s most valuable asset is its people, and yet, if not properly managed, can be one of the biggest drains on the customer experience,” said Vasili Triant, CEO of Serenova. “The integrated solution provided by Serenova and Calabrio gives our joint customers the insights and capabilities needed to effectively manage agent performance and maximize their customer experience.”

This partnership is one that should dramatically improve the quality of contact centers. The data analytics that Calabrio provides can help businesses discover which approaches are working in their contact centers, and which need more improvement. They will also make it easier to optimize work schedules. This will result both in greater customer satisfaction and reduced costs for businesses. The marriage of contact centers with data analytics will create a much more efficient workplace.

Edited by Alicia Young