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Five9 Delivers Virtual Contact Center for Financial Services Firm

May 02, 2017

Digital transformation is touching all points of the enterprise, from the data center and c-suite, to the contact center and conference room. Cloud computing is a key component of this evolution in innovation, and as the current phase of change continues to proliferate there is an exodus occurring in that firms are migrating in masses from legacy, on-premises solution to those hosted in the cloud.

Case in point, this week Five9 announced a financial services company selected its cloud-based, Virtual Contact Center (VCC) solution. The financial services company simply outgrew its on-premises solution; in providing support to thousands of North American companies and managing billions of dollars, contact center operations started to suffer – in specific, reliable, accurate and rapid routing.

By choosing the Five9 VCC, the firm can utilize its robust routing capabilities, with the Five9 Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) taking center stage. The ACD leverages desired business outcomes, agent availability, client context and history to intelligently route calls to agents best suited to deliver customer satisfaction.

“We are 100 percent customer-focused at our organization,” the financial services firm’s executive vice president of technology noted. “Five9’s contact center solution made me realize that the technology allows us to work more closely with our customers and make sure their satisfaction is front and center in every interaction. We could not be more pleased with the integration of Five9’s technology, and I know our customers will enjoy a better experience because of it.”

The financial services firm is embracing the digital transformation at hand, investing in flexible, scalable technology capable of supporting the customer experience and contact center of today, in addition to well into the future.

Another point of note is Five9’s seamless Salesforce integration. Sales managers gain real time insight into customer behavior, utilizing analytics to address the demands of a burgeoning customer base.

Mike Burkland, CEO of Five9, explained, “We believe offering excellent customer experiences should not be difficult, and we are dedicated to providing the best possible outcome for each of our enterprise customers.”

Customer focused organizations are taking the leap into the cloud for a number of reasons, but at the end of the day there is one that sticks out like a sore thumb: improved customer service. Cloud-based contact center solutions are the new norm, as innovation is charting a new course for customer service.

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Edited by Alicia Young