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Chatbots Key 'Aspect' to Future of Contact Center Solutions

April 26, 2017

Working in a contact center is not always as easy as it seems; providing exceptional customer service with up-sell and cross-selling sprinkled in for good measure is no small feat. Today’s omnichannel environment requires contact center solutions capable of supporting customers’ preferred channel of communication, while providing contextual conversation and resolution. A trend growing in momentum is the use of chatbots for customer service. Chatbots are more than capable of handling most basic queries, but Aspect Software is aiming at far more.

Today, Aspect Software announced the Aspect Software NLU Lab, tasked with providing a best practice resource, sharing forum, use cases as well as design and conceptualization of chatbot deployments. With major contact center transformation at hand, there’s no better time than the present for Aspect to illuminate this opportunity.

Tobias Goebel, Director of Emerging Technologies, Aspect Software explained, “Using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) as the intelligence behind chatbot creation removes the frustration of rigid, automated interactions, speeds up the resolution of customer service issues through conversational exchanges, and gives companies an affordable way to deliver a great customer experience.”

The Aspect NLU Lab is powered by Aspect Software’s chatbot expertise, creating a wealth of options for those interested in chatbots. From design templates and technical overviews, to guidelines and insight into UX/UI design, IVR, Interactive Text Response development as well as system integration. The Aspect development team exists at the fore of man-machine communications, with a specialty in computational linguistics.

“By using a conversational chatbot, consumers can engage with businesses in a way that is easy and convenient for them while saving the company money. We are still early with the emergence of bots for customer care, so we launched the Aspect NLU Lab to help further the industry and openly share what we’ve learned from our own projects,” said Goebel.

Artificial intelligence, chatbots and self service are some of the buzz words we will hear a lot in the coming years. As innovation continues to hone contact center solutions, the future is satisfying, contextual and the face of the contact center will look much different.

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Edited by Alicia Young