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TalkIQ Translates VoC with Predictive Insights

April 25, 2017

The contact center is the proving grounds for innovation, with areas of development like artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation as well as natural language processing and speech recognition coming to the fore. Leveraging data is one thing – taking a data driven approach is no longer an option – but coupling these evolving technologies together to create a solution that improves engagement, reduces churn rates and provides accurate customer portrayals is something different all together.

I’m speaking of TalkIQ’s newest addition to its platform: Predictive Insights. The solution offers actionable insight and forecasting for sales, CSAT scores and churn by digging deeper into the voice of the customer. Post call surveys are no longer needed, as by analyzing actual customer conversations Predictive Insights creates an objective score, which points to a likelihood of a potential outcome.

By analyzing each customer conversation, Predictive Insights is able to map sentiment and intent to improve forecasting. This means sales reps can focus on action items that provide the likelihood of the most positive results.

We hear the phrase “Voice of the Customer,” or VoC, more often today than ever before, but who can actually hear it? Much like the famous dispute from “White Men Can’t Jump,” TalkIQ can certainly hear Jimi. In deploying its customer voice management platform, firms gain access to more than simply accurate call summaries, but intelligent call summaries. And the platform makes it possible to share these results, collaborate and continue to build strong customer relationships.

Bill Hoppin, EVP Sales, Marketing, and Alliances for TalkIQ, noted, “Voice is the Holy Grail for customer insight and we deliver that by capturing these moments in real time, and layering on predictions and recommendations to help drive businesses forward in a platform we call customer voice management, enabling insights to be shared across all teams.”

From a reporting standpoint, TalkIQ partnered with TalkDesk for intelligent call summaries, predictive CSAT scores, call routing optimization and coaching capabilities. All additions are maneuverable via the Talkdesk AppConnect Marketplace, capable of bringing value to sales teams across the company.

TalkIQ is the exclusive customer voice management launch partner, providing current Talkdesk customers its core set of capabilities free of charge. With feature upgrades and premium provisions a phone call away.

Put simply, cognitive technologies make contact center solutions smarter. Providing one’s contact center with the ability to predict, then deliver when the time is right is invaluable.  

What’s in your contact center?

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Edited by Alicia Young