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Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Amazon, CallTower, Communications 20/20

April 22, 2017

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review over the past five days has talked about how artificial intelligence will raise the stakes for contact center solutions, what multilingual bots will mean for customer service environments, and what to keep in mind in opening a contact center.

Contributing writer Tracey E. Schelmatic notes that Amazon recently introduced a cloud-based contact center. She adds that solution, called Amazon Connect, is based on the company’s Alexa AI technology. And she says that raises the stakes for all contact center suppliers and their customers. That’s because, going forward, she writes, AI-backed solutions will be able to analyze customer word choice and tone to determine emotion and leverage that information in making call routing decisions.

Speaking of AI, contributing writer Steve Anderson this week wrote about how the need to communicate in various languages has prompted some contact centers to look at chatbots to help address this challenge.

Contact Center Solutions this week also featured an article by guest writer Denise F. Swanson. In it, she wrote about the importance of setting business goals and objectives, determining if the call center will be physical or virtual, considering operational parameters and constraints, setting and keeping to a budget, establishing team goals, putting in place processes and KPIs, and having a disaster recovery plan.

Contact Center Solutions has also recently featured stories about:

  • the new CT Suite Release 3 from CTIntegrations,
  • new tools from Clarabridge,
  • a new partnership between CallTower and Five9, and
  • Smart Communications’ new contact center.

New innovations on the contact center and related fronts are important because customer service has had a spotty history, but more organizations now understand that customer service can be a differentiator and customer hook rather than just a cost center. New Salesforce research says that 85 percent of executives with service oversight believe customer experience is a key competitive differentiator. And 80 percent of these executives believe customer service is the primary vehicle for improving the customer experience.