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Clarabridge's Contact Center Solution Delivers New Capability

April 11, 2017

With the contact center increasingly proving its worth as a revenue driver—and not merely the necessary evil it once was—new investment in that operation is cropping up all over. Clarabridge is likely as eager as any company would be to get in on that, and has brought out its new CX Contact Center, a contact center solution geared toward offering more capability in this increasingly valuable department.

The new CX Contact Centers system is specifically designed to have a short payback period, generating large amounts of value in a short time frame to deliver the best overall picture for businesses. The first, and perhaps biggest, feature of the system is a voice transcription system. Using hardware acceleration to speed the process up, the system can transcribe the entirety of a call and help provide a readily-accessible reference for later use.

Better yet, there's also a slate of analytics tools, including a text analytics system that feeds on that voice transcription mechanism to produce the raw fodder for data analysis. It can even go so far as to take that analysis and present it as the result of an 11-point scale for easier reference.

Throw in a slate of out-of-the-box connectors that allow for complete listening over a variety of input sources, including agent notes, call transcriptions, emails, chat logs and more and the fullest expression of customer sentiment is on hand. There are even a set of interactive dashboards to make the recorded data and analysis as relevant and readily accessed as possible.

Given that just 15 percent of customers felt “completely satisfied” by the last interaction had with a customer service operation, it's clear that companies could be doing better on this front. Yet no one can do better if there's no idea just what's wrong, and that's where a tool like Clarabridge's can be so useful. By analyzing content in a bid to find patterns, and problems, therein, the system can make better recommendations about problems that seem to routinely crop up. This kind of analysis done manually would take a lot of time and effort and still may miss problems altogether, but with an automated system handling it, the chances of spotting—and fixing—problems improve.

No one can fix a problem they don't know exists, and a tool like Clarabridge's might be just the thing to help find where those problems are and deliver some fixes in the contact center.

Edited by Alicia Young